Ph.D. Supervision

Marek Hudon is currently supervising

 Ana Alicia Dipierri, on Behavioral changes, innovative strategies and triggering motivations towards a sustainable development in the food system, (co-supervision with Tom Dedeurwaerdere, UCL, Belgium)View Ana Alicia Dipierri's page on CERMi's website


François-Xavier Ledru, undertaking a undertaking a Ph.D. on Impact investing, co-supervision with Oscar Bernal (UNAMUR)


Lou Plateau, undertaking a Ph.D. on Agricultural Cooperative Organizations at the Production Stage, co-supervision with Laurence Roudart (ULB)


Claudia Saverese, undertaking a Ph.D. on Inter-organizational relations between social enterprises and corporates, co-supervision with Benjamin Huybrechts (EM Lyon)View Claudia Saverese's page on CERMi's website


Coline Serres, undertaking a undertaking a Ph.D. on Environmental Rents and Social Economy, co-supervision with Tom Dedeurwaerder (UCL)


Past Ph.D. students


Marion Allet, on Microfinance and the Environmental Bottom Line: What relevance? (co-supervision with Jean-Yves Moisseron, Paris I, France)
Defended in January 2013
Current Position: Senior Program Office at PAMIGA

Published papers from her PhD


Katarzyna Cieslik, on Micro-entrepreneurs in Rural Burundi: Innovation and Contestation and the Bottom of the Pyramid (co-supervision with Philip Verwimp, ULB, Belgium)
Defended in January 2016
First Position after PhD: Post-doctoral fellow at Wageningen University (the Netherlands)

Published papers from her PhD


Muluneh Hideto Dato, on Corporate governance in microfinance, (co-supervision with Roy Mersland, University of Agder, Norway)

Published papers from his PhD:


Cyril Fouillet, on Economic, Social and Spatial Construction of Microfinance: An Indian Case Study, (co-supervision with Jean-Michel Servet, IUED, Switzerland)
Defended in October 2009.
Current position: Assistant Professor and Head of the Economic Section at ESC Angers (France)
First Position after PhD: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Oxford University
View Cyril Fouillet's page on the ESC Angers website


Hélène Joachain, on Complementary Currencies and Environmental Sustainability
Defended in September 2017
Current Position: Post-doctoral fellow OUE research project on complementary currencies in Brussels

Published papers from her PhD


Camille Meyer, on Social Finance and Common Goods 
Defended in April 2016
Current Position: Post-doctoral fellow at Victoria University (Canada)

Published papers from his Phd


Patrick Reichert, on Essays on the commercialization of microfinance institutions, (co-supervision with Ariane Szafarz, ULB, Belgium)

Published papers from his PhD: (Best Paper Awards)


Jessica Schicks, on Ethics and Consumer Protection in Microfinance
Defended in January 2013
Current Position: COO of a microfinance institution in Zambia

Published papers from her PhD